Film Editor & Director

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I’ve spearheaded a video production company with 40+ clients, designed virtual reality experiences that alleviate the symptoms of chronic pain, and edited award winning virtual reality films. I excel at storytelling, conceptualizing, and executing creative ideas. I am drawn to new and emerging mediums, such as virtual reality and immersive experiences, and to technology that looks towards the future. I take pride in my leadership ability and empower the people I work with.

My specialties

  • Film editing & assistant editing

  • Direction

  • Motion graphics/2D animation

  • Creative strategy

  • Sound design & mixing

  • Colour correction

  • Project management

what people are saying

Jeremy left an incredibly positive impression on our demanding group of staff here in the office. His energy and leadership skills shone when working in groups. His passion for his work was always evident in his attention to detail. His graphic design and video work took us to a whole new level. In fact, we stopped contracting out our promotional video work to agencies, because we found that his video talent was exceptional.

Adam Brayford , Assistant Director, Digital Strategy, Simon Fraser University

Jeremy and his crew at Active Ingredient have the raw creative talent and a battle-tested process to execute. He helped my fintech firm create an eye-popping video that people can’t stop watching, with an 80% engagement rate to boot. I found Jeremy to be humble and strives for the extra mile — an overall delight to work with.

Henry Bee, CEO, Co-founder, Cassia Research
Jeremy had no trouble adapting to quickly-moving projects and technologies, can pivot on a dime, and has an aesthetic sense you just can’t teach. Jeremy has a quality that is extraordinarily hard to find: he sticks to a project no matter what it takes, even in the face of utter chaos and deadlines. No excuses, no begging for more time — he just navigates thru challenges and gets it right.
Diane Gromala, Canada Research Chair & Professor, Pain Studies Lab

Well that was fun.

I am currently seeking full time employment in the Montreal area.
Got any opportunities you wanna talk about? Hit me up, let’s make it happen.