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Project Description

Felix & Paul Studios

Role: Assistant Editor

Introduction to Virtual Reality

Discover a universe of possibilities and explore the world like never before.


Felix & Paul Studios is an EMMY® Award-winning immersive entertainment studio, creating virtual, augmented and mixed reality experiences of the highest quality. The studio combines technological innovation with a unique, pioneering and in-depth approach to the new art of immersive storytelling—creating ground-breaking original cinematic experiences and collaborations with existing franchises and world-renowned personalities and leaders.

Trailers for projects I worked on

Space Explorers

Featuring Brie Larson.

Posted by Felix & Paul Studios on July 12, 2018

Space Explorers: Episodes 1 & 2 (2018)
Client: NASA, Roscosmos, Oculus Studios

Jurassic World Blue: Episodes 1 & 2 (2018)
Client: Universal Studios, Oculus Studios

Isle of Dogs, Behind the Scenes (2018)
Client: Fox Searchlight Pictures, Google Spotlight Stories

Marshall from Detroit (2019)
Client: Oculus Studios

Traveling while Black (2019)
Client:  Oculus Studios, New York Times


  • Worked hand in hand with directors and producers to create and modify edits of cinematic virtual reality content according to creative and technical decisions.

  • Day to day: preparing and organizing footage to deliver content across all departments, dailies ingestion (filmed footage & VFX sequences), syncing, preparing projects for offline editing, client reviews, and conforming edits.

  • Video editing for supplementary content such as trailers, social media videos, and internal showreel content.


  • Adobe Premiere

  • Nuke / Nuke Studio

  • Shotgun Software

  • Adobe After Effects

  • Adobe Photoshop


Jeremy worked as an assistant-editor to many of the VR projects I directed – so I got to work closely with him. Jeremy is a super smart, talented and creative individual. He is a dedicated and hardworking professional, and a kind human being!

Félix Lajeunesse, Co-Founder / Director, Felix & Paul Studios

I had the great pleasure of working with Jeremy as his supervisor. Jeremy quickly got the grasp of the very specific workflow our productions require. He was soon able to add his touch and forward thinking. Jeremy brings a good level of technical knowledge for sure. But he also comes with an artistic sensibility and a pretty wide general culture. He was able to put all of this in use on a day to day basis in the studio.

Jacques Levesque, Head Of Post Production, Felix & Paul Studios

At his very first week in the studio, Jeremy demonstrated an amazing amount of skills, knowledge and organizational abilities.  He pushes himself and others to do their best and to improve all the time. In the editorial department, he handled all his tasks very well and at a fast pace, even the more technical ones. I learned a lot with Jeremy by my side, and whoever has the chance to hire him will be lucky to have him in his team.

François Beaupré Goulet, Assistant Editor, Felix & Paul Studios